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– Paraffin or Collagen Manicure: $28
– Deluxe Manicure: $25
– Hot Stone Manicure: $25
– Hot Oil Manicure: $25
– Classic Manicure: $15
– Collagen Glove/Soak: $10


We polish it on like nail polish, then LED light-cure for results that are nothing short of brilliant!. There is no drilling required for this service, so your nail bed is healthier. Perfect for busy professional women, special occasions, extended vacation any occasion that demands long-lasting color. With simple between-service maintenance, a Gel Polish Service can last up to two weeks! Free repair within seven days of service

– Gel Polish With Regular Manicure: $35
– All Gel Polish to any Fill/ Full Set: $15
– Gel Polish Redo Without Manicure: $25
* French/American Gel Polish (Extra): $5
– Gel Soak Off Only: $10

– Gel Polish without Pedicure: $25
– Gel Polish Added With Any Pedicure: $15
* French/American Gel Polish (Extra): $5
– Gel Soak Off With Service

** We carry many high-end brands of Gel Polishes for you to choose from: We update gel products every season, often with new color. Please ask us if you have any questions about gel product **

Specialties Combo Package.

Callus Treatment included
* Adallion French or American Hands/Feet (extra): $5
1. Deluxe Pedicure + Deluxe Manicure: $58
2. Hot Stone Hicure + Hot Stone Manicure: $58
3. Hot Oil Pedicure + Hot Oil Manicure: $68
4. Signature Spa Pedicure + Gel Polish Manicure: $82
5. Signature Pedicure + SNS Full Set (Real Nails): $91
6. Royal Luxury Pedicure + Gel Polish Manicure: $92
7. Royal Luxury Pedicure + SNS Full Set (Real Nails): $100
8. Super Mega Pedicure + SNS (Real) Free Collagen Glove or Soak: $110

MEGA Spa Pedicure

Callus Treatment: included

– Hot Oil Pedicure: $48

* This pedicure mainly focuses on dry cuticles and rough or cracked heels. First, we soak your feet in a hot oil bag with warm lemongrass lotion that feels refreshing afterwards. The hot oil lotion will help soften and moisturize your cuticles and heels. After the foot soak and cuticle treatment, a pleasant exfoliation salt scrub will be attended to your leg and feet. To finish this soothing pedicure, we massage your feet and legs with moisturizing oil combined with Nordic foot care cream. (Classic spa + Hot oil lotion+ sugar scrub + paraffin dipping)

– Deluxe Pedicure: $39

A deluxe pedicure includes a rich exfoliation in salicylic and glycolic acids to soften and smooth dry skin. Th ment also includes a cool and refreshing marine moisture leg mask wrapped in hot towels to relieve fatigue and stress. (Classic spa+ sugar scrub + mask with hot towels wrap)

– Paraffin Pedicure: $39

Classic spa + sugar scrub + paraffin dipping

– Hot Stone Pedicur: $39

Classic spa + sugar scrub + hot stone massage

– Sugar Scrub Pedicure: $35

Classic spa & sugar scrub

– Classic Spa Pedicure: $30

Basic pedicure service include: file and shaping of the nails scrubbing the feet with cuticle softener to exfoliate dry skin, pushing or clipping excess cuticles, massaging the feet and your choice of nail polish. Shapping, cuticle cut. callus treatment, massage, polish

Royal Luxury Pedictive

Included: callus treatment, sugar scrub, hot towel mask, paradin dip, hot stones massage.

– Volcano Pedicure (6 Flavors): $63

Tropical Citrus, Orange, Romance, Honey Pearl, Lavender, Green Tea + Aloe Vera
Volcano Spa Pedicure can improve skin appearance. Our package contains rich, effective formulas, including mask and lotion made with collagen to help revive and moisturize dry skin all day long. The added collagen may also improve skin’s elasticity.

– Jelly Pedicure: $63

The herb Jelly Pedicure is a virtual bath blanket with aromatherapeutic benefits designed to relieve stress, reduce swelling and ease muscle tension, an indulgent, luxurious and well-deserved treat for your feet! A blanket of warm, fluffy “jelly” surrounds the lower legs and feet to start this process.

– Bomb Spa Pedicure (8 Flavors): $63

Hawaii Citrus, Classy, Red Carpet, Forever Beautiful, Organic Rejuvenate, Tea Party, Cherry Blossom, Peony Orchid.
All these products are organic. They contain rich, effective formulas, including collagen to help relax your tired legs and moisturizesk all day long. Enjoy legs and massage feels better after tired work hours.

*Price subject to change without notice


Healthy Natural Nail that is nothing like acrylic or gel. It is odor free, durable, and skiny. There is no damage to the nail bed, and is resistant to chipping and cracking. No liquid, no UV light required. World healthiest Nails.

SNS Healthy Natural Nails

– SNS Nail (Natural Nails): Full Set: $40
– SNN Nail natural nails French: Full Set: $45
– SNS Nail (Add Tips): Full Set: $45
– SNS Nail add French: Full Set: $45
– SNS Ombre’: Full Set: $65 up
– Cuticle Cut: Full Set: $5

– New Full Set Regular: Full Set: $35 up / Fill In: $25 up
– Gel Powder / Pink Powder: Full Set: $40 up / Fill In: $30 up

A combination of specially formulated acrylic … and gel layering. The use of powder acrylic adds much needed strength to the usual gel nails and with the application of the gel layering, your nails will still have the skiny clear natural…
***Add clear gel on top: $5

– Pink & White (with gel clear on top): Full Set: $60 / Fill In: $50

Perfect for clients who want beautiful nails without the time. Strong, durable, and non-yellowing. They look and feel completely natural and last until the next fill-in without lifting, giving your nails a natural pink & white ambiance. It’s buffed for a look that’s even more beautiful than your natural nails. “No Polish Involved”.

Acrylic Color/ Glitter (With clear gel on top)

The most popular nails for the year. Very similar to Pink & White, but with a touch of glitter. You can have multiple color glitter just the way you like for amorous look.

– Whole Nails: Full Set: $50 / Fill In: $40
– Half Tip: Full Set: $55 / Fill In: $45
– Whole Nail Change Color: Full Set: $50
– Acrylic On Toes: Full Set: $40 up / Fill In: $30 up

Children Services

10 years of age and under
Complimentary Drinks or Ice cream

– Manicure (Free basic design): $10
– Pedicure (Free basic design & hand polish): $25
   Basic Design only includes polka dots, zebra stripes lines or small flowor
– Kid Gel Polish: $15
– Kid Gel Manicure: $25
– Boy Pedicure (No polish and No Design): $20
– Paraffin Treatment: $5
– Hot Towel Wrap: $5
– Polish Change Hand: $5
– Polish Change Feet: $5
– Basic Nail Art: $3 up
– French: $3

Additional Services

– Polish Change Hands/Feet: $10 up / $12
– Nail Art Designs: $5 up
– Acrylic Take Off Only: $10
– Shiny Buffer With Service: $5
– Nail Repair: $5 up
– Paraffin Treatment On Hands/Feet: $7 / $12
– Callus Treatment Only: $15
– Cut Down+ Reshape: $7
– Nail Reshape: $3
– Cut Cuticle: $5
– Nail Hardening Treatment Only: $5
– Special Nail Shape: $5
– Extra Lenghth: $5 up
– Ombre: $7 up
– Special Tips: $5
– Extra 10 Minutes Massage: $10
– Alternating/Extra Color: $3
– 2 Toes Fill In: $8
– 2 New Toes: $14
– 2 3D Designs: $10 up
– 2 3D GEM Stone: $7 up
– Collagen Glove/Sock: $10
– French or American (add to service) Hands/Feet: $5
– Nail Take Off Without Redo (Nails Set or Gel Polish): $10
– Nail Take Off With Redo (Nail Set): $5

Waxing Services

– Eyebrows: $12 up
– Lip: 7 up
– Chin: $12 up
– Neck: $12 up
– Side Burns: $12 up
– Whole Face: $38 up
– Half Arms: $25 up
– Full Arms: $38 up
– Men’s Chest & Stomach: $45 up
– Underarms: $23 up
– Half Legs: $38 up
– Full Legs: $55 up
– Bikini: $38 up
– Brazilian: $58 up
– Men Chest: $35 up
– Men’s …: $45 up
– Men’s Stomach: $25 up


– Eyebrows: $15 up
– Lip: 10 up
– Chin: $15 up
– Whole Face: $40 up


– Eyebrows Tint: $20 up
– Eyelash Tint: $25 up
– Eyebrows Wax+Tint: $28 up

Eyelash Extension

– Strip: $20
– Individual: $35 up
– Extension: $120 up


– Full Body (1 hour): $65
– Full Body (30 mins): $35
– Foot Massage (30 mins): $30
– Neck and Shoulder (15 mins): $15

Permanent Make Up


– Eyebrowse: $250
– Top/Botton Eyeliners: $170
– Eyeliners: $300

Please note: A one third deposit and an appointment are required for permanent make up.

Facial Services

– Full Facial: $60 up

The purpose of a full facial is to clean your pores of black heads or white heads While cleaning your pores, you will gel a facial exfoliation to get rid of any dead skin cells. After cleaning and exfoliation. a mask will be applied to help moisturize your skin, leaving it geel soft and replenished. This is an hour treatment, so get ready to feel pampered and relaxed!

– Mini Facial: $45 up

For a relaxation treatment, this mini-facial will help you feel at ease a long hard day. This process includes facial cleaning, exfoliation, and a mask. This is a 30 minute treatment for one who are short on time yet wants to get relaxed!

– Mini Facial: $45 up

For a relaxation treatment, this mini-facial will help you feel at ease a long hard day. This process includes facial cleaning, exfoliation, and a mask. This is a 30 minute treatment for one who are short on time yet wants to get relaxed!

Additional Services: $5

– Chemical Peel only: $45 up
with Facial: $90 up
– Microdermabrasion only: $45 up
with Facial: $90 up

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